Daniel M Jones is known around the world as the Founder of the Church of Jediism which now has over 500,000 members – he is the go to person for TV and radio when it comes to the Jediist Way. The Church was formed in 2007.

This is the book fans have been waiting for. Perfect for anyone who has watched and fallen in love with the Star Wars films. In Become The Force, Daniel outlines the Jediist perspective and provides practical tools for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how to use The Force in everyday life. The Force is a metaphor for the universal life energy that connects us all, it can be both light and dark, good and bad. The book does not aim to convert but to inspire its reader to live a life of meaning and purpose according to the universal spiritual teaching of the Jediist Way.

This is the first and only Jediist bible.

With the new Star Wars film title finally revealed, and the film due to hit cinemas in December, Watkins’ November publication date is perfect timing for all the Star Wars fans out there. This is one force for change hundreds of thousands of people will get behind.

Now more than ever it is our responsibility to overcome the dark side.

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In 2007 Daniel Morgan Jones became world famous for founding The Church of Jediism at the age of 20. Since then he has been featured in many national newspapers and interviewed by BBC, Good Morning America, ITN and numerous other TV and radio Stations. In 2008 Time magazine ran a feature about him and his church.

Daniel has been a student of human behavior and interaction since he was 11 years old. In his extensive research, he began to recognize parallels between all the positive and inspiring material in every world religion, philosophy and spiritual text he encountered. Having been an avid Star Wars fan from the age of 4 it dawned on him that the perfect human being all his research pointed towards was that of the idyllic Jedi Knights from the Star Wars universe so he set about developing the teachings of Jediism. This was the birth of the Church of Jediism in 2007. Originally called the “UK Church of Jediism” the organisation grew out of its small holding in Anglesey, Wales in the U.K where Daniel lives and works in the international stage.

Since 2007 The Church of Jediism has invited thousands of new members to join every year and follow the teachings of Jediism. In the last ten years, Daniel has devoted himself to spreading the word about Jediism and guiding and inspiring those who join his Church but he has also been busy completing his chemistry degree and composing songs and performing with his pop-punk band Straight Jacket Legends. In addition, Daniel runs his popular Aspie World YouTube Channel. He has Asperger’s and found that the teachings of Jediism truly helped him manage his condition. You can read all about Daniel’s fascinating life story and how he founded a new church movement that enchanted the world in ‘Become the Force’, published in November 2017 by Watkins Media and available on amazon, in all major bookshops as well as this website shop.

After a period of inactivity due to Daniel’s many commitments, The Church of Jediism has now reactivated in 2017 with a team of Master Jediist experts to teach the principles of Jediism through a five pillar program. Each of the expert trainers, along with the rest of the mission team involved in running the site and the Church, has dedicated their lives to helping people awaken to their full potential. They have united their talents and love of Star Wars with Daniel’s vision to help all who join the Church become the Force for love, goodness, compassion and light. In other words, for Jediists to become the positive change we all want to see in the world.

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